Services For Women Working at the Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education Provides Several Services For Women Working At The Ministry To Enable Them To Perform Their Work As Follows:

  • Providing jobs for women.
  • Creating several nurseries for the children of female workers in the education sector.
  • Granting a transportation allowance.

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Medical Care

Medical Care shall be provided to the domestic labor in accordance with the rules and regulations enforced in the Kingdom.

The domestic labor shall be entitled for a paid sick leave not exceeding thirty days per year upon a medical report proving his/her need for the sick leave​.

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Rest Days

The domestic labor shall be allowed to enjoy a daily rest for at least nine hours a day​.
​The domestic labor may get one day off per week, based on the agreement of the parties in the contract​.

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End-of-Service Award

The domestic worker shall be entitled to an end-of-service award of one-month wage, if he has spent four years in a row providing service to the employer.

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Husband’s Death Leave (EDDAH)

A Muslim working woman whose husband deceases shall be entitled to a fully paid leave for a period of no less than four months and ten days from the date of death, and such a woman shall be entitled to extend this for an unpaid leave if she is pregnant – during this period – until she gives birth and shall not be permissible to use the rest of EDDAH leave granted to her – under this LAW – after giving birth.

A non-Muslim female worker whose husband dies shall be entitled to a fully paid leave for fifteen days. In all cases, the female worker whose husband deceases shall not be permitted to perform any work with others during this period. The employer shall be entitled to request documents supporting the aforementioned cases.

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