Human resources


To be a role model in providing high quality services to the faculty and employees of Almaarefa University in order to achieve high human capital performance.


To meet the expectations of the faculty and employees by providing high quality services that attract, motivate, and retain university human resources in a supportive work environment.


  • Accuracy at Work: we focus on the accuracy of data related to HR work and activities  as well as the accuracy in the application of the approved laws & regulations and the validity  of the documents.
  • Achievement ​​at Work: accomplishing services that are provided to the beneficiaries while      interacting with events and emergencies swiftly.
  • Continuous Development: We work on developing Human Resources systems and on   developing the level of the services provided as well as employees motivation policies.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality: All employee and university data is restricted and confidential.
  • Flexibility: Developing and implementing Human Resources policies & procedures, especially when amendments and changes occur on internal or external laws and also when dealing with special cases.
  • Coordination and Integration: Working together with teamwork spirit, whether within the administration or with other organizational units at the university.


  • Align Human Resources policies and administrative procedures with the university’s needs and goals.
  • Establish and develop an impartial structure and adequate system of incentives and benefits to increase the employees’ sense of loyalty and belonging.
  • Utilize the best means to conserve the distinguished competencies.
  • Oversee the implementation of administrative work plans and of programs for development, improvement and motivation in order to increase the effectiveness of Human Resources and achieve better performance.
  • Participate in the follow up of the automation of the administration work, the application of the HRMS program, and the supervision of its implementation.
  • Participate in the preparation of the training and development plan for university staff.
  • Prepare job analysis and evaluation for all job positions at the university.
  • Ensure that processes & procedures of the performance and compensation management are designed and implemented to align employees performance with the university’s goals.
  • Prepare a job performance evaluation of the department’s employees and supervise its implementation.
  • Evaluate the medical insurance service provided by insurance companies along with a regular follow up to ensure that it achieves the required level of quality.
  • Supervise Personnel Affairs issues and their services.
  • Continuous follow up of occupational safety requirements & prevention measures,and the application of relevant rules & regulations of the Ministry of Human Resources.
  • Follow up on the statutory procedures, directives, and decisions issued by the authorized figure in relation to financial and administrative issues.
  • Work on resolving disputes between employees, the company and the designated labor workforce.
  • Propose to reform Human Resources policies in accordance with the labor regulations and internal regulations of the university, and follow up on their implementation after approval.
  • Handle government relations services to ensure that the services provided by the Passports Department, the Ministry of Human Resources and Foreign Affairs, and the Chamber of Commerce are all provided to university staff.
  • Register and update university staff’ social information in the system of The General Organization for Social Insurance.
  • Register new Saudi employees in the Human Resources Fund system
  • Follow up on the university’s dues with the Human Resources Fund until resolved and collected while coordinating with the relevant authorities in charge.
  • Prepare periodic reports on the levels of accomplishments & achievement and provide recommendations to improve work quality.
  • Participate in preparing the university’s annual achievement report.

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