Woman at Al Maarefa University:

Woman International Day

Al Maarefa university motivates and supports Saudi women to pursue excellence.

Honoring the Students in the College of Medicine

His Excellency the President #جامعة_المعرفة Prof. Dr. Walid bin Hussein Abu Al-Faraj – in the presence of His Excellency the Dean of the College of Medicine – honors the two students in the College of Medicine: Joud Asfari and Kholoud Al-Sayegh, in recognition of their distinguished efforts in preparing and organizing the art exhibition accompanying the graduation ceremony of the tenth batch of university students.

Health Technology Competition

We congratulate the students of the Department of Anesthesia Technology: Salma Al-Hassan, Sama Badri, Nour Ali in #جامعة_المعرفة for winning second place with their innovative project (Manawla), in the health technology competition that coincides with the activities of the Innovation in Health Technology Conference and Exhibition.

International Day of Girls and Women in Science

It’s the International Day of Girls and Women in Science! #AlMaarefa is proud of its pioneering role in supporting its female faculty & students to excel in scientific forums; to enable them to actively contribute to the ambitious #SaudiVision2030. 

Health Innovation Hackathon

A student of the College of Pharmacy at #جامعة_المعرفة Asmaa Al-Sawadi tells her ambitious experience in the Health Innovation Hackathon. The aspirations of our students are derived from the aspirations of our country’s vision.

Happy Woman’s Day

To all our female students and faculty members 💓 Every year, you are a source of excellence and giving

Congratulations for the Winning

We congratulate Dr. Sarah Saad Al-Amer – Faculty of Medicine

Her brilliance and winning the second place in the oral presentations on #البحث_العلمي b #جامعة_المعرفة

Research participants:

  • Dr. Shujoun Muhammad Al-Azzam
  • Dr. Amjad Khater Al-Enezi
  • Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Sankari
  • Dr. Jana Samir Sindi

College of Medicine Committee


Prince Faisal bin Bandar Award for Excellence and Creativity

Dr. Asma bint Mamoun Kiremli is a graduate #جامعة_المعرفة and one of the first Saudi female doctors to achieve the Prince Faisal bin Bandar Award for Excellence and Creativity.