SDG15: Life On Land

Al Maarefa University’s Dedication to SDG 15: Preserving Life on Land through Conservation and Education

Sustainable Development Goal 15 (SDG 15) aims to protect, restore, and sustainably manage terrestrial ecosystems and halt biodiversity loss. Al Maarefa University, located in Saudi Arabia, recognizes the importance of SDG 15 and is actively engaged in initiatives that contribute to the preservation of land ecosystems, biodiversity, and the promotion of sustainable land management practices.

Biodiversity Conservation Education:

Al Maarefa University plays a crucial role in raising awareness about biodiversity conservation through education. The university offers programs and courses that emphasize the importance of land ecosystems, wildlife conservation, and the critical role of biodiversity in supporting ecosystem services. By educating students about the value of biodiversity, the university encourages the next generation to become stewards of the environment.

Research on Terrestrial Ecosystems:

The university’s commitment to SDG 15 is demonstrated through its research efforts focused on terrestrial ecosystems, habitat conservation, and the impacts of human activities on land biodiversity. Al Maarefa University’s research initiatives contribute to a deeper understanding of land-based challenges and the development of strategies to restore and protect ecosystems.

Reforestation and Habitat Restoration:

Al Maarefa University engages in reforestation and habitat restoration projects aimed at reviving degraded land areas. By planting trees, restoring natural habitats, and rehabilitating ecosystems, the university actively contributes to halting the loss of biodiversity and promoting sustainable land use.

Community Engagement and Outreach:

The university conducts community engagement and outreach programs that raise awareness about the importance of land conservation. Al Maarefa University collaborates with local communities, schools, and organizations to organize workshops, seminars, and activities that promote responsible land management practices and encourage active participation in conservation efforts.

Partnerships for Land Conservation:

Al Maarefa University collaborates with governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, and research institutions to collectively address land conservation challenges. By fostering partnerships, the university contributes to the development of policies, initiatives, and projects that promote sustainable land management, reduce deforestation, and protect natural habitats.

Sustainable Agriculture Practices:

The university emphasizes the significance of sustainable agriculture practices that minimize the negative impacts of farming on land ecosystems. Al Maarefa University promotes the adoption of agroecological techniques, soil conservation measures, and integrated pest management to ensure the long-term health of agricultural land while supporting food security.

Integration into Curriculum:

Principles of land conservation and biodiversity preservation are integrated into various academic disciplines at Al Maarefa University. By incorporating land-related topics into the curriculum, the university ensures that students across diverse fields develop an understanding of land ecosystem dynamics and their importance for global sustainability.

Al Maarefa University’s commitment to SDG 15 is evident through its efforts to promote land conservation, education, research, and community engagement. By raising awareness, conducting research, implementing habitat restoration projects, fostering partnerships, and integrating land-related topics into education, the university plays a vital role in protecting and restoring terrestrial ecosystems. Through its dedication, Al Maarefa University contributes significantly to the preservation of life on land and supports global endeavors to safeguard biodiversity and ecosystems for current and future generations.

UM Center for Environmental Sustainability Research


The Center for Environmental Sustainability Research at AlMaarefa University aims to be a leader in generating knowledge and innovation in the field of environmental sustainability, promoting a more sustainable and resilient future for our society and the natural environment.


Our mission is to conduct cutting-edge research in environmental sustainability, developing practical and viable solutions for current and future environmental challenges. Through multidisciplinary collaborations and fostering dialogue between academia, industry, and communities, we strive to be a catalyst for positive change towards sustainable practices and environmental conservation.

Research Areas

The Center for Environmental Sustainability Research covers a wide range of research areas related to sustainability and the environment, including, but not limited to:

  • Climate Change and Emissions Mitigation.
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Ecology.
  • Sustainable Natural Resource Management.
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems.
  • Circular Economy and Solid Waste Management.
  • Health and Environment.
  • Environmental Policies and Governance.

Research Objectives

  • Conduct scientific and applied research that contributes to the development of sustainable technologies and strategies to address environmental challenges.
  • Generate knowledge that helps understand the interaction between humans and the environment, promoting a holistic approach to sustainability.
  • Facilitate technology and knowledge transfer to society and the business sector to drive sustainable practices.
  • Establish national and international partnerships and collaborations to broaden the reach and impact of our research.
  • Educate and train students and professionals in environmental sustainability issues and prepare the next generation of leaders committed to preserving the planet.

Center Activities

  • Research and Development: Undertake multidisciplinary research projects to address key environmental challenges and develop sustainable solutions.
  • Education and Training Programs: Organize workshops, courses, and training for students and professionals interested in sustainability and environmental conservation.
  • Events and Conferences: Host symposiums, conferences, and discussion forums to promote knowledge and experience exchange among experts and interested communities.
  • Industry and Society Collaboration: Work closely with businesses, government organizations, and communities to implement sustainable solutions in practice.
  • Knowledge Dissemination: Publish research in academic journals, conference presentations, and communications to share findings and advancements with the scientific community and society.

Contact Information

For more information about the Center for Environmental Sustainability Research at AlMaarefa University, please feel free to contact us:

Center Name: UM Center for Environmental Sustainability Research

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +966 9200 11905

Green Initiative

On this day, March 27, 2021, His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman – may God protect him – announced #مبادرة_السعودية_الخضراء .

ِِAlMaarefa University interacted with this initiative, and more than 5 thousand seedlings were planted in cooperation with several partners. We will launch the second phase soon.

Instilling today … a future

Participation in achieving #مبادرة_السعودية_الخضراء targets, and in activation of #جامعة_المعرفة environmental and social responsibility, university students participate with their colleagues in the initiative “Instilling today … a future #بكرة “

To plant 5,000 seedlings in Rawdat Umm Al Shuquq Park.

Contributing to achieving the vision of the #السعودية_الخضراء initiative, students of the College of Medicine in #جامعة_المعرفة are organizing the “Our University is Green” initiative, in order to activate the college’s social responsibility towards its internal community.


Afforestation has many non-environmental enhances the quality of life, improves public health, and relieves stress!

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