Policies on guaranteeing equivalent rights of workers

Article (11)

Without prejudice to the employer’s statutory rights arising from the employment contract, the licensee is responsible for the Saudi worker who outsourced his employment, during the probation period that is specified in the employment contract, provided that the limits of that responsibility are to return the fees that received from the employer, during the agreed probation period, in the following cases: 1. The worker refrains from work or leaves it for reasons that do not belong to the employer. 2. Worker does fail to perform his duties, according to the employment contract concluded with him/her.

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Article (12):

The worker whose employment is outsourced by the licensee is considered a worker with the employer, and a direct contractual relationship is established accordingly between the employer and the Saudi worker, so that the employer is responsible for paying all the worker’s financial rights arising from that relationship.

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All the privileges that the university grants to its employees such as: (Health insurance, Bonuses, overtime, Allowances, leaves and others), are provided to everyone without exception.


Health Insurance


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