Launching the Healthy Marriage Campaign

The Social Responsibility Unit at Al-Maarefa University hosted the launch of an awareness campaign “Healthy Marriage” organized by Riyadh Health and King Fahd Medical City, which was held on Thursday, February 21, 2019. The launch began with a welcome speech from Dr. Nasser Al-Jarallah, Dean of the College of Applied Sciences, in which he welcomed the attendees from the brothers and sisters, and noted the importance of awareness and health education campaigns. For his part, Dr. Iyad Damiati, Consultant Family Medicine at King Fahd Medical City, said that healthy marriage represents a state of compatibility and harmony between spouses in terms of health, psychological, physical, social and legitimacy with the aim of forming a healthy family and having healthy children to form a healthy societal brick.

Dr. Maysoon Al-Budaiwi also stated that it is recommended for those about to get married to conduct a medical examination at least three months before the date of marriage so that the couple can plan their lives better, as the validity of the health marriage certificate lasts for six months and infectious diseases can only be re-examined when needed to re-examine again.

At the end of the inauguration, Dr. Nasser Al-Jarallah honored the lecturers and those in charge of this health program, and also thanked the attendees of Al-Maarefa University for hosting, as this hosting came out of the university’s constant keenness on the continuity and support of community and knowledge participations in the service of the country and the citizen.

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