Workshop on how to Achieve Psychological and Behavioral Stability

The Student Affairs Department, represented by the Student Counseling Unit Department, represented by Mr. Muhammad Saad Al-Zeer, and in cooperation with the General Preparation Department, represented by Dr. Hassan Al-Naamneh, held on Thursday 9/3/2017 in the college lobby an educational workshop aimed at achieving psychological and behavioral stability for the student by removing the psychological barrier between the student and the social counselor.

It also aims to educate college students about the importance of social and academic counseling and the need to benefit from the many and varied sources of support in colleges in a way that contributes positively to the academic success and progress of students, as well as introducing students to their academic advisors and academic advising offices. The event attracted a number of students who expressed their admiration for this initiative, which integrates students in a healthy way into their surroundings within colleges.

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