Women Empowerment

Ministry Of Education and Women Empowerment

The Ministry of Education strives to achieve its goals​ by empowering and involving women to make their significant contribution to the national development in realization of the Kingdom Vision 2030. In pursuit of this goal, every possible effort has been exerted by the Ministry to provide women with free, quality education, and leadership training, which should ultimately make a significant impact on their skills and readiness to become an influential contributor to the country’s future development.

The Ministry has increased women’s participation in all educational sectors to unleash their potential to fill high office po​sts and senior positions to serve as the Minister’s deputies and fill executive positions such as director generals.

The Ministry ranks first in the Kingdom in terms of women empowerment, due to the number of women who have occupied the Deputy-Minister’s high post. Among the examples is the appointment of female officials to serve as the Deputy-Minister for Public and Private Education, the Deputy-Minister for Private Undergraduate Education, the Deputy-Minister for Educational Programs, and the Deputy-Minister for Scholarships.

Out of confidence in female cadres’ competencies and capacities, the Ministry groomed female executives and officials to actively deal with the public on a national scale. Today, a Saudi female also serves now as the first-ever Ministry of Education Spokesperson. Several female professionals have been taken further to serve as representatives for the Ministry and the State as they serve as cultural attachés in several countries, the last of whom is the most recent appointee to serve as the Saudi Cultural Attaché to the United Kingdom, who is now a Saudi female.

In this regard, the Ministry of Education proposed several programs to improve women’s working circumstances and conditions in education. To achieve that, the Ministry launched the Initiative on Improving Female Teachers Occupational Practices, which was announced in early 2019 within the National Program’s Framework for the Development of Education. Besides, the Ministry launched a series of national lectures, symposia, and workshops crafted particularly for women, including a program on the “Prevention of Professional Isolation”.

Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education will continue its quest to improve the regulations, procedures, and nomination mechanisms to make sure equal opportunity is guaranteed and provided to both, males and females.

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