WAMY Funds

  WAMY; which stands for World Assembly of Muslim Youth; is an international Islamic educational organization whose stated purpose is “preserve the identity of Muslim youth and help overcome the problems they face in modern society”. WAMY was founded in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1972, and it opened offices in countries with significant Muslim populations throughout the world. Reportedly the world’s largest Muslim organization, WAMY organizes conferences, symposia, educational workshops and research circles to address youth and students issues, in addition to football tournaments and European Muslim Scouts camps for Muslim youth in Europe. Along with the Muslim World League, it is part of a “worldwide network of largely Saudi-funded groups…promoting Islamic teachings and encouraging Muslims to be more religiously observant, as well as providing interested non-Muslims and recent converts with information about Islam”. It maintains satellite chapters in 31 other countries and is affiliated with some 196 other Muslim youth groups on five continents. It is concerned with some humanitarian programs, such as sponsoring orphans and helping areas afflicted by wars and natural disasters.   

WAMY’s Aim 

WAMY’s stated aim is “to preserve the Muslim identity, to help overcome the problems Muslim youth face in modern society”, and to “educate and train Muslim youth in order for them to become active and positive citizens in their countries”. WAMY aims to “Introduce Islam to non-Muslims in its purest form as a comprehensive system and way of life” and “to establish a relationship of dialogue, understanding and appreciation between other faith organizations”. It also aims to organize conferences, symposia, workshops and research circles to address youth and students issues. WAMY aims “to publish books, brochures, reports and exhibition material that best introduce Islam to non-Muslims in its holistic vision”, and best educate the Muslim youth about their role in the societies. WAMY aims to organize exchange visits, Hajj and Umrah trips and provide training and support to Muslim youth organizations in order to help them better fulfill their objectives. The WAMY UK website states that “Our aim is to build bridges of peace and unity in our multicultural society. …Through educating the Muslim youth to the common good and promoting understanding among people of different communities. 

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