Sudan Medical Specialization Board

SMSB is the sole professional training body in the Republic of the Sudan mandated to manage and deliver medical and health specialty programmers in the country.The driving foundation of SMSB is its specialty councils, which are responsible for the implementation of all activities concerning training of medical doctors including the development and review of curricula.

Moreover, the SMSB aspires to stand out as a leading institution of outstanding quality in health professional education and training at national, regional, and global level. Proud of its heritage and its record, strong in its autonomy and the wealth of its knowledge, SMSB functions to improve the performance of health systems through standardized and monitored training in order to produce competent and committed specialists.

UM signed an agreement with the Sudan Medical Specialization Board where the two institutions collaborate and share in research experience and consultation.

And the development of all arrangements and available means to make this a success, and it was also agreed to start the participation of faculty members from the College of Medicine in the Faculties of Knowledge in the work of the exams that the Council assesses as external examiners, and it was agreed to involve members of the Council as visiting advisors to the College of Medicine. And finding ways of cooperation between the two parties in holding training courses and the like, which would contribute to achieving the desired benefit for both parties. Which in turn contributes to the development and advancement of the College of Medicine in particular, and the colleges in general.

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