Student researcher … Intensive research training camp at the university

In implementation of the university’s strategy that seeks to empower the student of Al-Maarefa University with research skills that enable him to:

  1. Tools of scientific thinking,
  2. Critical reading of published scientific research,
  3. Conducting scientific research that can be published in journals classified in international research rules.

The educational center was inaugurated under the supervision of Her Excellency the Advisor to His Excellency the President of the University, Prof. Ibtisam Al-Madi (on Sunday, November 28, 2021), and in the presence of a group of university professors, the “annual research student camp”, where the camp will be implemented in three different stages throughout the year. The current university, to provide the student with theoretical training material and practical applied follow-up under the supervision of a research elite of university professors, starting from the creation of the research idea until the publication stage.

In this regard, Her Excellency Counselor Prof. Al-Mady explained that this camp has several objectives, the most important of which are: Providing students with research skills that enable them to acquire reliable information that adds to their knowledge achievement, to raise the index of their scientific and practical competitiveness, stressing that this camp is in harmony with the premise of the Human Capacity Development Program initiative launched by His Highness the Crown Prince as one of the initiatives of Vision 2030, with the aim of qualifying human capital with the necessary skills to enable it to be strong in local and global competition.

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