Social Responsibility Center

A university – any university – has three functions: teaching, research, and community service. At Al-Maarefa University, these three functions were blended, and resulted in a community service center that aims to invest knowledge and scientific research to create products that are presented to the community in which it operates as part of its societal duty. For this purpose, health, cultural and community events are scheduled every year, and appropriate plans are prepared for community participation in these events in order to raise awareness, educate, train and research. These posts are distinguished by the fact that they come where the community is, and do not wait for the community to come to them, and this is the philosophy of community service that we adopt. Since our outlook is global, the university adopts every year some of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and plans appropriate programs aimed at well-being and sustainable charity for our community; our service does not end at the end of the event, but rather it is sustainability that reflects positive behavior that we observe in societal change.


Positioning social responsibility in the conscience of university employees as a culture of practice through continuous programs aimed at nurturing awareness of its importance, education and training on its applications, sponsoring initiatives, and fruitful community partnerships between the university community and the external community.


Initiative in the field of social service in accordance with human values.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Employing the knowledge gained for the common good.
  • Contribute to achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in the field of voluntary community service.
  • Increasing awareness of social responsibility and its programs among university employees.
  • Promote effective community participation to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Enabling and supporting university employees to exercise social responsibility.

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