Social Charity Fund

Awarded the best working environment in the non-profit sector for 2016 in Saudi Arabia 

     It is a national development foundation that plays a leading role in promoting the non-profit sector and addressing the challenges that faces the development work through empowerment and innovation. The foundation’s mission is the innovation of quality social programs and enabling the partners aiming at transforming of beneficiaries from pastoral to developmental status together with finding knowledge platform for enumerating the national developmental programs and measuring of their impact. Moreover, it has ensured that the generous guidance has included work to reduce the problem of destitution in nontraditional ways, excluding material and in kind drainage and based on the overall view of the problem and its causes and climate to reduce it by creating jobs and the involvement of the citizens in the productive work they can afford at the level of individuals and families. 

So, In order to achieve their mission, vision and goals, they seek to put the needs of the target group in mind, and strengthen partnerships between the public and private sectors in order to support all their programs, and use them to build stronger, more efficient and more sustainable community networks to meet the needs of the target groups. Furthermore, they have to measure the level and impact of their programs to serve the beneficiaries, and organize projects and innovative, effective and more efficient programs to support the beneficiaries of the target group, build bridges of cooperation with other relevant national programs, and help and support communities most in need

Based on the above, Al Maarefa University signed an agreement with Social Charity Fund to get educational grants for students who fall into the bottom 20% of household income group in the country.

The partnership that we agreed with the body is to accept student from needed family such as  

  • Social security 
  • Charity subscribers 
  • National Committee for the Care of Prisoners family 
  • National Drug Control Committee 

The number we accept from the body is 20 students 9 male and 12 females in nursing program due to the high number of employability in nursing major across Saudi Arabia. Also, the student must be Saudi to get the scholarship and they have high school certificate. 

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