Smoking Regulation at AlMaarefa University

Based on the keenness of Al-Maarefa University to protect the rights of others from the harm of passive smoking to health, and to help smokers try to leave it and provide a smoke-free environment, and reduce the number of patients and deaths from diseases caused by smoking, and in order to achieve the goal of Al-Maarefa University (a university without smoking), which created a need to prepare a regulation to combat smoking at Al-Maarefa University.

Objective of the regulation

  • 1- Implementing orders and instructions issued on smoking control
  • 2- Activating the provisions of the WHO Convention against Smoking
  • 3- Educating university employees and visitors about the harms resulting from smoking, protecting them from abuse and encouraging anti-smoking behavior patterns.
  • 4- Protecting university employees and visitors from the dangers of passive smoking, preserving the rights of non-smokers at work, and education in a healthy environment free of smoking
  • 5- Providing the necessary medical assistance to smokers wishing to quit smoking.
  • 6- Reducing economic, health, social and environmental losses and damages caused by smoking

Smoking is prohibited in the following places:

  • 1- Within the boundaries of the university’s closed and generally open facilities
  • 2- Administrative offices, teaching halls, warehouses, elevators and toilets at the university
  • 3- Celebration halls, meetings, exhibition halls, training, laboratories and laboratories
  • 4- Internal and external entrance gates for buildings and parking lots
  • 5- Public and private university transportation owned by the university
  • 6- Facilities and gymnasiums of the university
  • 7- Places of manufacture and processing of food, food and beverages
  • 8- Common public spaces and means, places of recreation, elevators, roofs, parking and the like
  • 9- Workplaces allocated at the university for companies, contracting institutions and the like
  • 10. Within a distance of (8) meters from all places that are prepared for entry, meeting, sitting or the passage of people in the places referred to in the preceding paragraphs. 

Article IV

  • 1- It is forbidden to sell toys and sweets on cigarettes or any smoking tool at all commercial points in the university or its facilities.
  • 2- It is forbidden to sell tobacco and its derivatives at all commercial points at the university and affiliated to it
  • 3- It is forbidden to put posters containing pictures that encourage smoking
  • 4- It is forbidden to carry out any student activity that contains things that encourage smoking
  • 5- Smoking is prohibited when practicing any activity or work representing the university, whether inside or outside the university corridors in order to preserve the university’s reputation

Article V

 The responsibility of informing the university employees of the anti-smoking regulations and directing them to refrain from smoking in the places referred to in Article II lies with their administrative authorities. 

Article VI

 The University Security Department undertakes the task of administrative control of violators of the regulation in all university facilities by setting the necessary rules and procedures to document, prove and refer the violation in accordance with Article Eight, prepare an electronic stacking program and design forms dedicated to the same purpose. 

Article VII

  • 1- The Deanship of Student Affairs, in cooperation with the colleges, provides annual awareness programs for university employees in the field of combating smoking and encouraging anti-smoking behavior patterns.
  • 2- The University Security Department shall place signs and phrases indicating the prohibition of smoking in the places referred to in Article 2.

Article VIII

The University Security Department shall refer the violations after adjusting it according to the following:

  • 1- Referring the violations of faculty members and students to the Vice Presidency for Educational Affairs
  • 2- Referring employee violations to the General Directorate for follow-up

Article IX

  • 1- Committing the violation for the first time: – Directing the attention of the violator in writing and recording the violation in his file 
  • 2- Repeating the violation for the second time: – Issuing a written warning to the violator and recording the violation in his file 
  • 3- Repeating the violation for the third time: – The violator is referred to the competent disciplinary committee and regular procedures and penalties are taken against him 
  • 4- In the event that the violator is not one of the university employees: – He is notified and notified of the prohibition of smoking in all university facilities, and in the event of non-response , he is required to leave the university 

Article X

 Those who have been subject to one of the penalties stipulated in these regulations have the right to appeal to the relevant authority in accordance with the details contained in Article VIII, within a period of 60 (days from the date of issuance of the penalty, provided that it stipulates the right to appeal against the decision.

Article XI

These regulations shall enter into force from the date of their approval by the University Council.

Article XII

The regulation shall be subject to evaluation, review and amendment whenever the need arises.

Article XIII

This regulation is published in the university newspaper and its electronic service, and a special bulletin for this regulation is issued to the university employees

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