Sixth Pharmacist Research Symposium

The students of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Al Maarefa University participated in the seminar “The Sixth Pharmacological Research”, which contains three tracks, namely “Oral Research Presentations, Research Posters, and Research Projects” which were held at Qassim University in the period 6-7 March 2019 AD, and the participation of university students was among 650 students And a competing student from ten colleges of pharmacy in the Kingdom, and the symposium included workshops and lectures in scientific research, and the seminar was sponsored by His Excellency the Director of Qassim University, Prof. Abdul Rahman Hamad Al-Dawood, and the Dean of the College of Pharmacy, Dr. Abdul Majeed Al Qassumi, and at the end of the symposium, five winners were announced in each of the three tracks, and the two students Tahani Al-Shammari and Nada Al-Qahtani won the award for the second best research poster, as well as the two students Samia Al-Anzi and Ghadeer Al-Otaibi as the fourth best research project, and prizes were received by Dr.

The university’s participation was an extension of important scientific and research participations that the university seeks in all its specializations, in order to highlight the efforts of its students and raise their level of confidence.

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