The research center of AlMaarefa University is proud to announce Research Day 2020 to spread the culture of research across all spectrum of University.

It is a step to recognize the research, scholarly and creative work of our student scholars. This special day showcase the months and years of hard and dedicated work of our student fraternity, and in the process, inspires others to exemplify in research, academic, and creative work.

Students are given chance to present research that results from scholarly work as part of the research courses and/or independent studies.

Research center enthusiastically invite you to submit their work for inclusion in this year’s event. We look forward to the presentation of your work!

The objectives are:

  • To encourage students participation in research activities
  • To enhance research culture across all stakeholders of the University
  • To promote students’ research presenting skills
  • To develop networking among researchers
  • To stimulate research skills


Dear students,

Research center of AlMaarefa University is delighted to invite you to participate in research poster competition to be held during the first week of November 2020. The selected posters will be given a chance to present their research orally during research day on 09/11/2020. The purpose of this activity is to spread the culture of research across all spectrum of University.

Students from all colleges of AlMaarefa University are eligible to submit their research abstract for initial screening by the scientific committee. The last date of submission of abstract in prescribed format to [email protected] is 27/10/2020. The accepted research projects will be intimated via email on or before 29/10/2020.

Following types of research projects are encouraged for submission

  • Completed research project carried out as part of the research course requirement
  • Incomplete research but the current status of research demonstrate significant research contribution.
  • Potential research proposals approved by research committees of colleges
  • Any independent research done by students under supervision of university teachers.
  • Both current students and those who graduated from AlMaarefa are eligible for this event.


  • Total available slot for research posters are only 30.
  • Only five best research projects will be given a chance to present orally during research day
  • One winner each from current students and alumni will be honored with valuable prize along with certificate of appreciation.
  • Competent qualified researchers of University based on publicized rubric will do the evaluation of research.
  • Evaluation rubric and poster dimension will be shared shortly.
  • Participants of the research should abide by the decision of the evaluators.

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