Principles of volunteering Course

The Diriyah Conference and Business Center at Al Maarifa University hosted the (Volunteer Principles Course), which was organized by the Community Service Unit in cooperation with Takatof Society on two days on Thursday 08/01/2019 for female students, and on Thursday 08/28/2019 AD for male students, presented by both the trainer Turki Al-Yami and the trainer, Wafa Al-Baz, and they talked about the importance of volunteering because it has implications for refining the volunteer’s skills and gaining scientific and practical experiences, as well as introducing students to the principles, rights, and duties of volunteering and the difference between non-profit and profit volunteering and its mechanisms.  

The university’s hosting was due to its keenness to continue and the constant pursuit of community and knowledge partnerships. The association also thanked the UM and the trainers for what they provide to support the work of society. 

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