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Agreement of the Charitable Society for Orphans Care (Ensan) and Al-Maarefa University

Al-Maarefa University signed a memorandum of understanding for joint cooperation with the Charitable Society for Orphans Care “Ensan” on Tuesday, 23/04/2019 at the university’s headquarters in the southern hall of Sudair, where this agreement comes as an embodiment of the comprehensive renaissance experienced by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at all levels, especially the health and education sectors, and to complete the message carried by the two parties, and as a contribution to building a knowledge and scientific society, and enhancing integration and participation between them in the frameworks of knowledge exchange And practical application, and since the reality of providing health services and building a knowledge society requires concerted and integrated efforts in everything that would advance these aspects, which enhances the importance of this agreement, and the importance of concerted efforts to achieve the goal of the agreement, and since the University of Knowledge is an academic scientific training institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, and it educates, trains and qualifies high school graduates to obtain a bachelor’s degree in medicine, surgery, pharmacy and the various health and technical specialties that you need All government and private sectors and the equivalent programs and training courses.

The university was represented by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Zaid bin Mohammed Al-Zamil, while the Association was represented by the Director General of the Association, Mr. Saleh bin Abdullah Al-Yousef, and a group of the Association’s employees and university employees participated in the signing ceremony.

This agreement aims to develop the human cadres sponsored by the association and qualify them to obtain a scientific degree in the fields available at the university and raise the level of performance of workers and students in advancing the medical services provided in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through education, training, continuous development and fruitful cooperation between the two parties in order to achieve part of the initiatives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

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Charitable Society for Orphans Care (Ensan)

It is a non-governmental organization that cares for the orphans of Riyadh region in order to give them a decent life through quality programs that concern them and their mothers

Albilad signs an agreement to finance educational services for students of knowledge colleges

In continuation of strengthening strategic partnerships with success partners in the educational sector, Bank Albilad signed an agreement with the Colleges of Knowledge of Science and Technology to finance educational services for students of knowledge colleges who meet the conditions and criteria of Bank Albilad, where tuition fees are paid in easy installments without profit margin or additional fees.

The agreement was signed on behalf of Bank Albilad by Mr. Ihab bin Mahmoud Hasouba, General Manager of Retail Banking, and Dr. Zaid bin Mohammed Al-Zamil, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Colleges and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Knowledge Colleges, at the colleges’ headquarters in Diriyah on Monday, October 31, 2016, in the presence of a number of Bank and college officials.

Mr. Ihab bin Mahmoud Hassouba, General Manager of Retail Banking Sectors at Bank Albilad, stressed during the signing ceremony that the education of children is the real and most important investment for parents, which in turn reflects positively on sustainable development in our dear country. Accordingly, Bank Albilad sought to provide innovative and easy solutions for parents to pay tuition fees easily and flexibly through a program dedicated to financing students of knowledge colleges.

For his part, Dr. Zaid bin Mohammed Al-Zamil stated that we are pleased with the continuation of constructive cooperation between the Colleges of Knowledge for Science and Technology and Bank Albilad, and the consolidation of the bonds of relationship that began since the first inception of the colleges, and we are always keen to strengthen and activate this cooperation because of its positive impact on the scientific process and our students with good and benefit, and the colleges and those in charge of them hope that this important agreement will be translated for the good and interest of our students and motivate them to excel scientifically.

It is worth mentioning that the colleges of knowledge are one of the private educational institutions accredited by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which offers bachelor’s programs in the disciplines of medicine, clinical pharmacy, and applied sciences, and believing in the importance of these disciplines, the colleges of knowledge have taken upon themselves since their inception in 2009, the responsibility of qualifying a pioneering generation at a high level of efficiency, professionalism and knowledge, by providing a distinctive educational climate for its students, using the latest means of technology used in the educational field, and was keen to achieve this. To design its curricula in a distinctive and advanced manner that transcends what its students aspire to through specialized bodies such as the King Abdullah Institute for Science and Consulting Studies at King Saud University and with the participation of the most prominent experts in various relevant authorities, in line with its lofty mission to serve the community.

All Bank Albilad services are available through Albilad’s various electronic channels for Albilad customers 24 hours a day, which are Albilad ATMs, which number more than 900 ATMs spread in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Albilad 920001002 phone, or Albilad Net www.bankalbilad.com, in addition to the Bank Albilad application on smart devices, in order to serve Albilad customers and meet all their banking needs, and all valued customers can visit any of the The Bank’s 155 branches across the country to obtain the latest banking services that are compatible with Sharia rulings.

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Memorandum of Understanding between the Saudi Red Crescent Authority and Al Maarefa Colleges

The Saudi Red Crescent Authority signed a memorandum of understanding at the Authority’s headquarters in Riyadh today, which includes cooperation and training with the Colleges of Knowledge for Science and Technology.

Through this agreement, the two parties aim to build society and promote integration and participation in light of the comprehensive renaissance experienced by the Kingdom at all levels, especially in the health and education sectors, and to complete the message carried by both the authority and colleges, with the aim of laying the foundations of a strategic partnership for cooperation between the two parties to serve the goals for which both parties work.

The agreement was signed by His Excellency the President of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority, Dr. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Qassim, and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Knowledge Colleges, Dr. Zaid bin Muhammad Al-Zamil, as this agreement aims to cooperate between the two parties in preparing training and educational programs and volunteer work to benefit from their specialized cadres, and the participation of a number of university students in the volunteer programs carried out by the Authority, which contribute to the development of skills in addition to contributing to the volunteer work practiced by volunteers under the umbrella of the Authority.

This agreement also aims to benefit the authority from the scientific disciplines available at the university so that the authority’s employees are attached to those disciplines that suit the outputs and requirements of the functional authority.

This memorandum includes training the employees of the faculties on the necessary first aid so that they can prepare the injured – God forbid – until the arrival of the ambulance teams.

On this occasion, His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Al Qassim said that this agreement comes from the Authority’s keenness to spread the culture of first aid among members of society in general, in addition to providing the necessary advice and recommendations regarding the standards of prevention and first aid at its sites.

It is noteworthy that the agreement comes as an embodiment of the emergency training work in the authority by providing a package of courses held by it to its beneficiaries in the Kingdom, most notably the Prince Nayef First Aid Program and the Responder Program, in addition to a first aid trainer preparation course.

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Al-Maarefa University signs a cooperation agreement with the university to implement academic, research and technical services

 His Excellency the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Abdulrahman bin Obaid Al-Youbi, signed a cooperation agreement with Al-Maarefa University to implement a number of academic, research and technical services, in the presence of His Excellency the Rector of Al-Maarefa University, Prof. Dr. Walid bin Hussein Abu Al-Faraj and His Excellency Dr. Khaled Al-Jarallah, on Tuesday, 6 Jumada Al-Awwal of the Hijri year 1441 AH, in the University Council Hall, and in the presence of the Founder’s University Vice Rectors and a number of college deans.

His Excellency the President of the University explained that this agreement includes the implementation of academic, training and technical activities in accordance with the agreed work plan, the development of existing study plans, the design of new study plans in accordance with accreditation standards, in addition to proposing and implementing specialized academic diplomas, using the expertise of faculty members, trainees and consultants to implement activities, allocating joint research grants between the two universities, implementing joint scientific research according to a specific research plan, participating in the preparation of operational strategic plans, and cooperating in attracting, appointing and promoting members of the university. The teaching staff for scientific and medical specialties in the two universities, and effective use of modern technology services, management information systems, electronic services portal, digital library, electronic council systems, and others, and activating joint work between the employees of the two universities in the fields and programs of student activities, community service and volunteer work.

For his part, His Excellency the Rector of AlMaarefa University indicated that the agreement comes within the Kingdom’s vision and ambitious goals, to achieve academic, social, cultural and training goals, in a way that ensures the development of higher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its outputs, especially in the field of innovation, leadership and scientific research, because the “Founder” University has academic experience, and various advisory services in different disciplines, and the desire to benefit from those experiences through this agreement.

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The King Fahd Medical City Cooperation

The King Fahd Medical City delegation meets at the College of Applied Sciences in AlMaarefa University; To discuss ways of academic cooperation, exchange of experiences, and clinical training mechanisms for university students in the city.

Health Cooperation

Under the auspices of His Excellency the President of AlMaarefa University, the university signs an agreement with #ريادة_الصحة to enhance cooperation in the fields of health business incubators and accelerators, entrepreneurship and health innovation camps, and educational and training programs in entrepreneurship.

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Riyadh Third Health Cluster Cooperation

AlMaarefa University and #تجمع_الرياض_الصحي_الثالث sign a cooperation agreement; It aims to exchange educational and research experiences, training, and enhance the voluntary health impact in society.

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