People with Disabilities

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development seeks to enable persons with disabilities to obtain appropriate job opportunities and education that guarantees their independence and integration as active agents in society, and to provide them with all the facilities and tools that help them achieve success and invest the potential energies commensurate with their abilities and potentials through diversity in fields Professional training in accordance with the capabilities and needs of each group and employing medical, social, psychological, educational and professional services to help the disabled person achieve the maximum possible degree of functional effectiveness, with the aim of enabling him to comply with the requirements of his natural and social environment, as well as developing his capabilities to depend on himself and make him A productive member of society whenever possible.

Programs and initiatives

  • The home social rehabilitation care program for people with disabilities, the elderly and the bedridden, where the preventive and social services they need in their family and social surroundings were provided with the aim of improving their personal abilities to reach independence and self-reliance, disbursing monthly financial benefits and specific medical devices for people with disabilities.
  • Providing reduction cards for passengers on public transport and cards for traffic facilities, and giving them to people with disabilities, and identification cards for autism
  • Introducing a visa fee waiver program for people with disabilities

Protection from harm

  • Ensure the provision of protection from harm of all kinds.
  • Providing assistance and treatment, and working to provide the necessary shelter, social, psychological and health care assistance.
  • Take the necessary legal measures to hold the perpetrators accountable and punish them.
  • Raising awareness among community members about the concept of victimization, and its implications.
  • Addressing behavioral phenomena in society that indicate the existence of an appropriate environment for the occurrence of cases of abuse.
  • Finding scientific and practical mechanisms to deal with abuse.
  • The system of protection from abuse can be found through the website of the Council of Experts at the Council of Ministers by clicking here

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