Organizing department reviews a number of scientific researches

Under the auspices of The Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences acting H.E. Dr. Nasser bin Ali Al-Jarallah and in the presence of the Head of the Department of General Preparation and English Dr. Ibrahim Al Atum. Held on Wednesday and Thursday 20-21/12/2017 scientific research sessions presented by a distinguished group of general preparation students in the fields of chemical and pharmaceutical medical that upgrade the skills of students in the field of scientific research and research knowledge.

These presentations have been the most valuable research, most notably:

  • Radio Therapy: Presented by the student: Abdul Rahman Abu Shaar
  • Radio Therapy: Presented by the student: Saud Al-Taweel
  • Discover and added four new elements to the periodic table (The Four new discovered Elements): Presented by the Taliban: Azzam al-Jaber and Ibrahim Al-Razihi

 These research presentations were supervised by Professor of General Chemistry, Dr. Mohamed Wajih Ohaib.

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