Offers and prices of Samaia Women’s Residence

Samaia’s residence welcomes all the daughters of this generous country and the generous residents who are based on his pure wealth and welcomes all the generous sisters from all over the Arab world and from all friendly countries in the hope that we will be happy to serve you by providing our services with decent hospitality and high quality.

* Services provided by Samaya Housing *

 Strategic location in the middle of many universities and colleges at close time distances, airport, train station, transportation via highways, skilled drivers and convenient transportation.

  • Having a 24-hour security guard for the building.
  • Women’s management and full women’s supervision.
  • Free DSL Internet.
  • Free fixed phone connection + mobile in Saudi Arabia.
  • Delivery from supermarket, pharmacy and laundry free of charge according to the schedules organized for it.
  • Comprehensive transportation to and from the university throughout the days of the tram.
  • Transportation to and from the airport, train station, transportation throughout the days of the term and special rides at reduced prices to all areas of Riyadh.
  • Allocate a day a week for free shopping.
  • Allocate a day per month for free promotion.
  • Delivery to the hospital to God forbid + pharmacy + free cashier.
  • We offer a reduced subscription service for detection and medicine rates with a hospital near the residence,  with the resident paying the price later at the Women’s Housing Department when she returns or when she dies.
  • Deliver laundry orders and bring them free of charge.
  • Bring grocery orders free of charge.
  • Bring food orders from Delfery restaurants for free.
  • We offer various meals on request with the hands of a Lebanese nationality.
  • We offer free food.
  • We offer a variety of meals as requested by a chef of Lebanese nationality.
  • We offer free food orders. For fountains and related to it in the hands of a woman of Lebanese nationality and a woman of Filipino nationality.
  • Rent is available: by torme, two terms together, and the whole year.
  • Room cleanliness is free of charge according to the schedules organized for this.
  • Reception at the beginning of the year and farewell at the end of the year free of charge to the airport, train station and public transport.
  • There are a lot of services and pleasant surprises waiting for you
  • As samaya women’s residence is pleased to announce the start of booking for students or visitors to Riyadh to work or attend various social events. Aswell as booking (for the new year) and not to mention the availability of booking in the system of the year, the term, the month and the program whatever its duration and the day as well.

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