Nursing lecture. Strength in Mercy

Within the activities and activities of Al-Maarefa University and on the occasion of the Gulf Nursing Day March 13.

The Nursing Program at the College of Applied Sciences, represented by Ms. Zahra Qudsi and under the supervision and coordination of Ms. Samah Al-Qahtani (Public Relations), participated in an interesting meeting entitle

Nursing.. Power lies in mercy

In advance for more than 90 high school students in Al-Qudah National Schools.

On Monday, March 8, 2021 at 12 noon

The meeting dealt with the definition of the special anniversary. Gulf Nursing Day (13 March),

As well as the diverse roles of nurses and the prominent impact of nursing since ancient times until now. In the Corona pandemic

And the opportunities and the promising future of nursing in the world. And on the land of our beloved kingdom

The meeting also reviewed the prominent role of the nursing program at Al-Maarefa University (mission and goals) and its compatibility with aspirations, Vision 2030 and the expected future, God willing, for its educational outputs in its distinguished students and their enrichment of the labor market. We ask God Almighty that the meeting has achieved the desired goal of motivating and encouraging to join the march of this great profession that is always distinguished giving.

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