Ministry of education Statistics and Decision Support Center

The center collects and provides documented data and accurate updated statistics on education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and publishes them in an appropriate time frame in cooperation with our partners, to facilitate the mechanism of decision-making and policy-making, and to develop strategic plans for education.

The university, through its administration and affair department, conducts longitudinal tracking and analysis of students on university, college, and program levels the data include total cohort enrollment, withdrawn, retention and completion rate for both genders to track the long-term learning process and effectiveness from the time of admission. The results are used to establish an admission operation plan which serves as a basis for adjusting the teaching and counseling mechanism and the allocation of resources. The university has special admission policy and provide admission quota for both genders to encourage student’s recruitment for female and male students and give special opportunities for female students to be enrolled. 

Quality center provides periodic statistics for completion and passing rates for each offered course faceted by gender, these statistics are used as indicators to compare female and male achievements, the overall completion rate at the program level shows female students are higher in completion rate.

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Screen shot Quality tracking system showing grade distribution and completion rate and results can be faceted by gender

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