Medical students … Research excellence at an international conference

Medical students: Shajoon Al-Azzam, Jana Samir, Sarah Al-Amer, and Amjad Al-Enezi, under the supervision of Dr. Suzan Mohammed, were able to achieve third place in their participation in the research submitted to the Third Saudi International Conference on Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine, which was held from (26-27 November 2021) under the auspices of the Saudi Society for Women’s Health, entitled: “The extent to which females residing in Riyadh are aware of the papillomavirus vaccine”, with the aim of measuring the degree of awareness of women over the age of 18 years about the virus, and its relationship to neck cancer The uterus, its transmission methods, and the extent to which they know about the availability of a safe vaccine that protects against cervical cancer, especially since the vaccine is affordable in Saudi Arabia.

The study – which competed with studies presented by doctors and medical students from several universities – was characterized by its diagnosis of the cognitive reality (awareness) of the papillomavirus, and the availability of a vaccine against it among the female community in the city of Riyadh, where the percentage of knowledge of the existence of the virus only (30%), and (15%) for those who know the availability of a vaccine against it, from a sample consisting of (1003) individuals from multiple age, community and educational groups; They know about the virus, and (58%) know that there is a vaccine for the virus.

The study concluded that the level of awareness about papillomavirus and the vaccine against it is low among females in the city of Riyadh, which calls for the need to prepare and design awareness campaigns to educate on how to prevent, in addition to spreading knowledge of the availability of the anti-vaccine and its ability to prevent cervical cancer.

Dr. Saad Asiri, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, commented in this regard, saying: The faculty invests the scientific and research excellence of its students to prepare accurate scientific studies as part of the university’s social responsibility to reveal the level of collective awareness of diseases, and how to prevent them, so that the decision-maker has a clear vision to address cognitive and behavioral deficiencies among members of society, stressing that the student committee at the Faculty of Medicine is keen to include in its strategic composition practical plans to prepare the future doctor scientifically that enables him to master sober research skills to ensure the sustainability of Scientific and practical excellence. He concluded his statement by congratulating the winning students, and thanking the supervising doctor, praying to God Almighty for continued success and excellence for the students and employees of Al-Maarefa University.For her part, Prof. Dr. Ibtisam Al-Mady, Advisor to His Excellency the President of the University, stated that research excellence in any university is a natural extension of the excellence of educational inputs, and therefore Al-Maarefa University is keen in its strategic plans to improve the inputs to achieve the excellence of outputs, as scientific research is a cumulative skill that the student acquires through theoretical scientific formation, and practical training to reach the desired research quality.

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