Medical Care for Pregnancy and Childbirth

1. The employer shall provide medical care to the working woman during pregnancy and childbirth.

2. When a working woman returns to her work after maternity leave, she shall have the right to take, with the intention of breastfeeding her newborn, a period or periods of rest that do not total more than one hour per day, in addition to the rest periods granted to all workers, and this period or periods shall be calculated from the actual working hours, and not It results in a wage reduction.

Promote equality between men and women in access to free on campus health services

Kingdom’s laws related to the health field ensure that women are entitled to have access to health care. There is no restriction on exercising this right. This right is also given to all women residing in the Kingdom through the cooperative health insurance system and other related laws. 

Almaarefa university provide free on campus clinic covers basic healthcare equipped with appropriate physicians and equipment, also, the clinic physicians can refer students to the area government and private healthcare facilities for further care. The clinic carried out a number of programs and mechanisms aimed at raising the level of women’s health, including:

  • Health education programs for the prevention of anemia and iron deficiency, which are implemented on a regular basis in schools, shopping malls and waiting rooms at health facilities;
    • Pregnancy and motherhood education program;
    • Early detection of breast cancer.
    • Awareness-raising programs for balanced health nutrition.

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