Knowledge University Launches an Association to Contribute to the Development and Promotion of the Wellness Industry in the Kingdom

His Excellency the President of Knowledge University, Prof. Dr. Waleed bin Hussein Abu Al-Faraj, launched the Saudi Arabian Society for Wellness (SAWA), which aims to develop and promote the wellness industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia based on advanced applied theoretical knowledge, employing modern trends, techniques and research based on scientific evidence.

Prof. Dr. Al-Madhi, Chairman of the Founding Committee of the Association, stressed that (Sawa) will work in cooperation with the public and private sectors to activate the enablers of the wellness industry; to contribute to achieving the goals of quality of life emanating from the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, and to stimulate creativity and innovation to spread knowledge, directional and behavioral awareness of the importance of wellness in the comprehensive welfare matrix, and to strengthen fruitful relations with government institutions, including vision realization offices in the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Sports, and others. Relevant ministries and bodies to shape policies and maximize wellness values and practices in the life of the individual and society.
Al-Madhi pointed out that the follower of the current health and community situation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia notes that the dissemination and empowerment of community health knowledge culture and practices is the common denominator of all initiatives of the Saudi Vision 2030, which seeks to achieve the quality of life for every human being. From these visions, the establishment of Sawa came to contribute to the formation of a vibrant society; enjoying a decent living and good health. Therefore, we will seek to attract specialists and those interested in scientific and behavioral practices associated with the wellness industry; to become a house of expertise to exchange and develop ideas, and to make wellness a behavioral practice in our communities. Hence the name of the association (Sawa) to denote its participatory relationship with its partners on the one hand, and its relational relationship with its community on the other.

Dr. Ebtisam added that the first nucleus of the establishment of the Sawa Association was on 23 Rajab 1443 corresponding to February 24, 2022 by a decision of the Council of Knowledge University, and was included among the scientific societies under the supervision of the General Secretariat of the Council of University Affairs in the Ministry of Education
It is worth mentioning that the Association (Sawa) was founded on the initiative of a team that includes a selection of local and international specialized experts in the field of health and medical education, businessmen who believe in their social responsibility towards their community, and senior executives to build a national entity of origin, extending With local and international strategic relationships, with an ambitious pioneering vision in the region, within a professional framework in line with the vision of the World Institute of Wellness: “Wellness is the constant pursuit of activities and lifestyle choices leading to a state of holistic health.

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