King Abdul-Aziz University

It is the first teaching hospital in Saudi Arabia which combines distinct clinical disciplines of ophthalmology and ENT, provided by consultants, physicians and technicians with the best-in-class training & expertise utilizing the finest technological and infrastructural resources in the kingdom.

Besides providing primary, it also provides secondary care & tertiary care in Ophthalmology and ENT.

UM collaborates with King Abdulaziz University in providing academic consultation, research, technical services and exchange programs. This way, the two institutions collaborate and share in research experience in the medical and social science disciplines.
Furthermore, this collaboration comes as a cornerstone and a real partnership, which will open the broadest channels for scientific and academic exchange in the technical and research fields in both universities.

His Excellency the University President explained that this agreement includes the implementation of academic, training and technical activities in accordance with the agreed upon work plan, developing existing study plans, designing new study plans in accordance with accreditation standards, in addition to proposing and implementing specialized academic diplomas, and using the expertise of faculty members, trainees and consultants to implement the activities. Allocating joint research grants between the two universities, implementing joint scientific research according to a specific research plan, participating in preparing operational strategic plans, cooperating in recruiting, appointing and promoting faculty members for scientific and medical specializations at the two universities, and making effective use of modern technology services, management information systems, the electronic services portal and the digital library. And the systems of electronic councils and others, and activating joint work between employees of the two universities in the fields and programs of student activities, community service and volunteer work.

For his part, His Excellency the Director of the UM stated that the agreement is part of the Kingdom’s vision and ambitious goals, to achieve academic, social, cultural and training goals, in order to ensure the development of higher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its outputs, especially in the field of innovation, leadership and scientific research, because the “founder” university has academic experience. And the various consulting services in different specialties, and for the desire to benefit from those experiences through this agreement.

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