Induction day for internship students

The College of Applied Sciences, represented by the Clinical and Technical Training Committee at Al Maarefa University, held an induction day for the internship students on Wednesday 29/01/2020 under the auspices and presence of the Acting Dean of the College of Applied Sciences, Dr. Khaled bin Muhammad Al-Jarallah.

The event is opened with a speech from the Dean of the College of Applied Sciences, Dr. Khaled Al-Jarallah. After that, Professor Wael El-Sherbiny gave a lecture on how to succeed in a personal interview.Dr. Tariq Al-Tom presented a lecture on his biography and its importance in the future. His teacher Hanin Al-Ahmadi from King Fahd Medical City presented a lecture on how to be respectful in the workplace. Followed by, Professor Saja Al-Murshid who presented her lecture on emotional intelligence and its importance for success in the work environment. Then, there was a lecture on the laws of training and internship by Prof. Dr. Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Zamil. Finally, Dr. Saad Al-Asiri gave a motivational speech to both male and female students which included information about the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, based on his experience in the area.

In conclusion, all the speakers were honored, and supplication was made to  Almighty God for success and steadfastness for all internship students.

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