Honoring the winning students in the competition for the best scientific research

Under the patronage of the Dean of the College of Applied Sciences, Dr. Nasser Al-Jarallah, and the Head of the Department of General Sciences and English, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Atoum, and in the interest of Al-Maarefa University to appreciate and motivate its distinguished students, Ahmed Muhammad Al-Baba and Abdul Karim Kamel Al-Masri, students of medicine and surgery at the university, were honored for winning the best scientific research competition, which is entitled “Chemical Influence Human’s allergies” “It was admired by the competition committee, which was held on Sunday, 5/5/2019 at the university’s headquarters.

The Dean of the College graciously honored them for their distinguished performance in the presence of the student’s father, Ahmed Muhammad Al-Baba, and the supervising professor, Mr. Muhammad Wajih.

The university administration thanks them and wishes them success and payment, providing them with a commemorative shield on this occasion.

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