Have a commitment to meaningful education around the SDGs across the university, in some programs or in all programs

UM realizes the importance of SDGs as developed by UN in 2015.Therfore UM has adopted its teaching and learning strategies across university to meet the needs of faculty and students. UM has incorporated courses that address community health, research, communication and poverty   eradication from the national to the local level. The ultimate aim is to place UM upfront in bridging the gap that exists between the privileged and unprivileged. 

College of Medicine: https://www.um.edu.sa/ar/medicine-study-plan

College of Pharmacy: https://www.um.edu.sa/en/e-pharmacy-study-plan

College of Applied Sciences:

1.- Nursing: https://www.um.edu.sa/en/e-nursing

2.- Respiratory therapy: https://www.um.edu.sa/en/e-respiratory-study-plan

3.- Emergency Medical Services: https://www.um.edu.sa/en/e-EMC-study-plan

4.- Anaesthesia Technology: https://www.um.edu.sa/en/EN-Anaesthesia-Technology-study-plan

5.- Health Information Systems: https://www.um.edu.sa/en/content/study-plan-0

6.- Computer Science: https://www.um.edu.sa/en/content/study-plan

7.- Industrial Engineering: https://www.um.edu.sa/en/en-IE-study-plan

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