Guidelines Work Ethics Rules

Speech of His Excellency the Minister of Labor and Social Development

We sum some major points:

  • The Saudi labor system upholds the values of justice in its comprehensive concept, it pushes towards stability and job security, consolidates the principles of social peace, and safeguard human rights on the land of the Kingdom.
  • As we began with justice to end this brief word, contemporary legislation to renounce racial discrimination and discrimination, and to support the principles of equality, and before those legislations was the true Assamese religion he has the virtue of taking the lead in establishing the values of justice and justice, so equality without justice it’s a clear injustice, so people differ among themselves in terms of their abilities and their potential, so it was necessary that fairness and justice be before equality, especially in the rights attached to it.

Objectives of the Guide

The Charter includes and focuses on several ethical principles and axes, which are:

  • Justice, equality and non-discrimination.
  • General noon.
  • Honesty and honesty.
  • Not to exploit the monument.
  • Ergonomics.
  • Public etiquette and behavior.
  • Promote teamwork.

Public Behaviors and Etiquette

Justice, equality and non-discrimination

Many contemporary legislations have included the urge to renounce discrimination and urge on equality and perhaps one of the most important of these legislations is the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination against all forms of discrimination against women.

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