Entrepreneurship within the courses of Al-Maarefa University

Entrepreneurship is one of the modern and advanced development concepts that help develop and encourage entrepreneurial ideas and creative projects.

Therefore, AlMaarefa University decided to include the entrepreneurship course within its academic programs, and to start the project of developing the entrepreneurship technology course for students of the College of Applied Sciences, which aims to enhance the entrepreneurial side of students, crystallize the understanding of the pioneering role in setting goals in establishing new projects, and provide students with planning and organization skills within the work of one team, in a way that ensures the provision of the appropriate study environment and scientific climate to obtain high-quality learning in line with the university’s mission.

From this standpoint, the university administration sought to add entrepreneurship among the general subjects for students of the College of Applied Sciences, provided that it is considered an alternative optional subject for any of the Salam and Arab courses.

In the interest of Al-Maarefa University to support its students and raise their scientific level in this context, it was decided that the university will bear the fees for attending the entrepreneurship course and the International Entrepreneurship License test, the details of which will be announced later for the best five students.

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