Computer Department discusses student research for graduation projects

Under the patronage of the Acting Dean of the College of Applied Sciences, His Excellency Dr. Nasser bin Ali Al-Jarallah, and in the presence of the Head of the Department of General Preparation and English Language, His Excellency Dr. Ibrahim Al-Atoum and the Head of the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, Dr. Ammar Al-Awda, scientific research sessions were held on Thursday – 11/01/2018 AD, which were presented by a distinguished group of students of the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems in various fields of technology, which upgrade students’ skills in preparing scientific research and creating research knowledge.

 The discussions included the following researches:

  • Best Offers Program (Mohammed Al-Ghofaily / Meshal Al-Dosari)
  • E-leasing system (Mustafa Al-Zuhair / Waleed Al-Debikl / Faisal Al-Mutawea)
  • Electronic Car Rental System (Raed Al-Malki / Hamad Al-Rashed / Yazid Al-Huwifir)
  • Tourism Promotion System in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Radi Al-Mutairi / Abdul Majeed Al-Henaki / Saleh Al-Abdulwahab)
  • Electronic Procurement System (Omar Bamodem / Abdulaziz Al-Nukhilan / Yahya Al-Zamil)

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