Chapter X: Employment of Juveniles and Women

1. Common Rules

Article 160:

Adolescents, juveniles and women may not be employed in hazardous operations or harmful industries, such as power-operated machinery, mines, quarries and the like. The Minister of Labor shall, by decision, designate the occupations and operations tat are regarded as harmful to health, or are apt to expose women, juveniles and adolescents to given hazards requiring tat their employment in such occupations or operations be prohibited or restricted by special conditions, in no case may men and women commingle in the place of work or in the accessory facilities or other appurtenances thereto.

Article 161:

Adolescents, juveniles and women may not be employed during the night time which covers an interval of at least eleven hours between sunset and sunrise, except in the cases to be determined by decision of the Minister of Labor in respect of non-industrial occupations and in cases of force majeure.

Article 162:

Juveniles and adolescents may not be employed for a period exceeding six hours a day, and the exceptions provided for in Articles 150 and 152 of this Law shall not apply to them.

2. Employment of Juveniles

Article 163:

  • A juvenile who has not completed thirteen years of age shall not be employed, nor shall he be allowed to enter places of work. The Minister of Labor may, by decision, raise this age limit in certain industries or areas. Before employing a juvenile, the employer shall secure from him the following documents and shall keep them in the juvenile’s personal file:
  • An official birth certificate or an age estimation certificate issued by a competent physician and approved by the Ministry of Health.
  • A certificate of physical fitness for the required work issued by a competent physician and duly approved by the Minister of Health.
  • The consent of the juvenile’s guardian.
  • The employer shall, within the first week following the employment of every juvenile, notify the appropriate Labor Office of such employment and shall keep at the place of work a special register for juvenile workmen in which he shall indicate the name of the juvenile, his age, the full name of his guardian, his place of residence and the date of his employment, in addition to the general register provided for in article 10 of this Law.

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