Alumni Unit

Strengthening the relationship between the university and its graduates enhances the affiliation and loyalty of graduates to the university, and contributes to the development of the university and the achievement of its future goals. This is achieved by building bridges of cooperation between the university and the various training and employment bodies with the aim of developing the skills of graduates in all disciplines and raising their competencies, as well as the contribution of graduates and training and employment bodies in developing study plans and academic programs at the university in line with the requirements and developments of the labor market.

The Alumni Unit follows up on the affairs of graduates to identify their employers and the nature of their jobs, and to identify the extent to which their specializations are compatible with the needs of the labor market. It also receives their suggestions about the programs they have studied and coordination with the concerned departments and the Quality Center within the university. One of the tasks of the unit is also to provide them with information services from training and employment opportunities available in the private and public sectors, and help them obtain appropriate jobs that are compatible with their specializations and the requirements of the labor market, and introduce the public and private sectors to the competencies of university graduates in various disciplines every year.


Leadership and excellence in building a sustainable interactive relationship between the university and its graduates.


To contribute to the development of graduates’ knowledge and skills and the development of university programs in line with the requirements of the labor market, in support of the university’s mission, objectives and vision.


  • Enhance communication with graduates.
  • Building a real partnership and strengthening belonging and loyalty to the university.
  • Supporting graduates in the field of employment, training and career guidance.
  • Supporting the private sector in implementing its programs and initiatives related to training, rehabilitation and employment.
  • Benefit from the experiences of graduates after engaging in the labor market.
  • Providing an integrated database of statistics and studies related to graduates and the labor market.
  • Benefiting from feedback from the beneficiaries of the university’s graduates in the public and private sectors and the level of their outputs.

Tasks of the Alumni Unit:

  • Preparing and updating a directory for graduates that contains contact data and employer.
  • Create a comprehensive database of graduates that is constantly updated in cooperation with the alumni committees in the faculties of the university.
  • Support the contributions of the University Alumni Association.
  • Holding programs, seminars and workshops to support the employment of graduates and qualify them for the labor market, such as Career Day.
  • Inviting graduates to participate in the university’s events, celebrations and various programs.
  • Preparing opinion polls for graduates and employees.
  • Preparing mechanisms for communicating with graduates and employers and strengthening the relationship with them.
  • Assisting graduates in searching for jobs in the private sector according to their specializations.
  • Informing graduates of developments within the university in the academic and research aspects.
  • Receiving the proposals of graduates and employers, analyzing them, preparing periodic reports on them, and submitting them to the Quality Center for Development and Raising the efficiency of performance.

Knowledge Pride Forum

The Knowledge Pride Forum aimed to enhance communication between the university and its graduates, to open horizons of cooperation between graduates and their fellow students in the knowledge, scientific and career future, and to introduce graduate students to the practical side of the labor market and prepare them for it.

Objectives of the Forum:

  • Reviewing and honoring the career of distinguished graduates.
  • Reviewing the university’s achievements for graduates and the awards it has received and introducing them.
  • Review the latest developments in academic and research programs, facilities and training.
  • Updating the graduates’ data.

The role of the graduate in achieving the university’s goals:

  • Contribute to the development of curricula and study plans.
  • Contribute to marketing the university’s outputs through external relations in the field of employment and training.
  • Assist male and female students in determining the appropriate specialization for their abilities and personal inclinations.
  • Assisting male and female students in charting the appropriate career path for them.
  • Informing male and female students about the latest developments in the labor market.
  • Guiding students on how to enhance their abilities and skills to face the changes in the labor market.
  • Advantages of graduates:
  • Supporting research, supporting participations and initiatives, patenting and supporting entrepreneurship.
  • PhD and fellowship holders have visiting professor coverage and research grant coverage in their field from the Research Support Program.
  • Priority in participating in the university’s volunteer initiatives such as the King Salman Relief Center.
  • Awarding distinguished graduates the President’s Award for Excellence. (in the fields of scientific publishing, innovation, patent, award)
  • Providing the opportunity for appropriate vocational training and qualification and then employment.
  • Access to the electronic library and research resources.
  • Introducing the university’s developments and inviting them to participate in events, conferences, training courses and workshops.
  • Representing the university in some of its external events.
  • Granting a graduate card (a card provided to the graduate after graduation that enables him to benefit from special benefits such as discounts and knowledge benefits, allowing him to enter the campus and benefit from sports facilities, library, etc…)
  • Email grants linked to the university.
  • Priority in postgraduate studies according to the controls.

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