Almarefaa University Second Pharmacy Graduates forum Assessment

On Tuesday 2/4/1442 17/11/2020, under the patronage of the University Rector Dr. Waleed Husain Abualfaraj and with the presence of Vice Rector Dr.Nasser bin Ali Aljarallah and Dean of pharmacy faculty Dr.Mohammed Jabber Alyamani and its Vice Rector and department heads.

He began by welcoming the graduates assuring the university’s concern to continue such meetings to affirm the concept of communication with its students. Such meetings allows the University to listen to their opinions and remarks and wishing them the best of luck in their academic and practical lives. 

Then, University Rector stated a clarifying speech about their preparations to enhance the performance and determine the possibility to enter the post-graduate education and open MA program soon. Moreover, he emphasized the importance of exposing the graduate to the university’s journey and keeping him up with its events as an authorized representative and a bright image of the university. He also motivated the graduates to the significance of communicating with the teaching staff and faculty administration through various communication channels. The event concluded with a question and answer session, graduates were given the opportunity to speak out their enquiries and questions directly which contained many vital subjects for graduates in understanding and respectful vibes as a one family.

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