AlMaarefa University Seat Initiative

Taif University, represented by the Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research – the Deanship of Scientific Research, believes in the principle of exchanging experiences and establishing the scientific cooperation between Saud Universities, in line with the Kingdom’s vision 2030. This is to improve the quality of research outputs and advance research skills for the faculty members. An initiative was launched (AlMaarefa University Seat) based on the cooperation agreement between Taif University and AlMaarefa University, which includes making research programs available at Taif University for researchers from AlMaarefa University.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Adding one researcher from the faculty members (Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor) from AlMaarefa University to the research projects submitted to the Deanship at Taif University.
  • The researcher is added in the item “Consultants” (not counted within the maximum number of researchers in the group) and a reward is paid to them according to the unified regulation for scientific research in universities, and this amount is calculated as an additional value to the total budget of the project supported by the Deanship.

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