Almaarefa university admission requirements 

Some of these requirements for example:

  • University admission requirements
  • Conditions for accepting a new student at the UM

New students from high school graduates can be accepted, according to the following conditions

1. He must have a high school diploma for natural sciences or its equivalent from inside or outside the Kingdom.

2. That no more than five years have passed since obtaining the high school diploma or its equivalent.

3. Obtaining the average and the specified grade from the University Council in both high school and the general and achievement tests prepared by the National Center for Measurement and Evaluation or SAT, according to the following:

  • Specialization in Medicine and Surgery: A GPA of no less than 90% in high school and the ability and achievement score of 70% or (SAT 1100).
  • Other majors: A GPA of not less than 80% in high school, the ability score of 65%, and achievement 60%, or (SAT 950).

4. Achieving a minimum level of English language skills in the specialty of medicine and surgery with a minimum score of 40 on the Oxford test or its equivalent in other standardized tests, TOEFL iBT 40, IELTS (ACADEMIC) 3.5 or the English Language Proficiency Test 62 STEP.

5. To be of good conduct and behavior.

6. He should not be dismissed from another university.

7. To pass any test or personal interview that the University Council sees fit.

8. To be medically fit for the medical examination approved by the university in accordance with the admission requirements for each major.

9. To obtain the approval of his reference in the study if he is working for any governmental or private entity.

10. Payment of the admission fee, which is non-refundable ( tuition fees ).

11. Payment of tuition fees for the semester according to the fees payable for each major and it is not refundable in case of withdrawal from the university (  tuition fees  ).

12. To fulfill any other conditions specified by the University Council and announced at the time of application.

* Note:

Admission to the university is subject to competition between applicants according to the admission criteria.

So; based on the above; we can tell that the conditions to accept a new student at UM are according to the student’s qualifications, far from any discriminations.

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