Albilad signs an agreement to finance educational services for students of knowledge colleges

In continuation of strengthening strategic partnerships with success partners in the educational sector, Bank Albilad signed an agreement with the Colleges of Knowledge of Science and Technology to finance educational services for students of knowledge colleges who meet the conditions and criteria of Bank Albilad, where tuition fees are paid in easy installments without profit margin or additional fees.

The agreement was signed on behalf of Bank Albilad by Mr. Ihab bin Mahmoud Hasouba, General Manager of Retail Banking, and Dr. Zaid bin Mohammed Al-Zamil, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Colleges and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Knowledge Colleges, at the colleges’ headquarters in Diriyah on Monday, October 31, 2016, in the presence of a number of Bank and college officials.

Mr. Ihab bin Mahmoud Hassouba, General Manager of Retail Banking Sectors at Bank Albilad, stressed during the signing ceremony that the education of children is the real and most important investment for parents, which in turn reflects positively on sustainable development in our dear country. Accordingly, Bank Albilad sought to provide innovative and easy solutions for parents to pay tuition fees easily and flexibly through a program dedicated to financing students of knowledge colleges.

For his part, Dr. Zaid bin Mohammed Al-Zamil stated that we are pleased with the continuation of constructive cooperation between the Colleges of Knowledge for Science and Technology and Bank Albilad, and the consolidation of the bonds of relationship that began since the first inception of the colleges, and we are always keen to strengthen and activate this cooperation because of its positive impact on the scientific process and our students with good and benefit, and the colleges and those in charge of them hope that this important agreement will be translated for the good and interest of our students and motivate them to excel scientifically.

It is worth mentioning that the colleges of knowledge are one of the private educational institutions accredited by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which offers bachelor’s programs in the disciplines of medicine, clinical pharmacy, and applied sciences, and believing in the importance of these disciplines, the colleges of knowledge have taken upon themselves since their inception in 2009, the responsibility of qualifying a pioneering generation at a high level of efficiency, professionalism and knowledge, by providing a distinctive educational climate for its students, using the latest means of technology used in the educational field, and was keen to achieve this. To design its curricula in a distinctive and advanced manner that transcends what its students aspire to through specialized bodies such as the King Abdullah Institute for Science and Consulting Studies at King Saud University and with the participation of the most prominent experts in various relevant authorities, in line with its lofty mission to serve the community.

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