Al Maarefa University’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals 2030

Al-Maarefa University is one of the private educational institutions accredited by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which provides higher education service to the sons and daughters of citizens and residents in medical, health, applied, and technical specialties in undergraduate programs (bachelor’s). It also provides the opportunity for students transferring from recognized universities, as well as holders of a diploma in various health specialties to enable them to complete their university studies in Their specialties.

And because universities have a unique position in achieving the goals of sustainable development, we seek at Al-Maarefa University to activate our role in serving the community and the dimensions of sustainable development to meet the needs of today’s society and future generations, and from this point of view, initiatives and opportunities have been started to be developed that are in line with the goals of sustainable development. in all its three dimensions (environmental, economic, social) and highlighting the role of the university in achieving sustainable development through these initiatives and opportunities. In line with this, employing the university’s electronic platforms in broadcasting awareness messages, and republishing and directing messages that lead to achieving our role in sustainable development. As well as entering into a partnership with universities in countries around the world.

AlMaarefa University considers the Sustainable Development Goals as a positive and constructive opportunity to solve the problems facing us in this era. The world wastes its resources and limited attention on pointless conflicts and self-destructive competition. We are in an era where science and cooperation should occupy the greatest space, so that the world can pay attention to the common challenges of climate change, extreme poverty, and social justice.

We believe that universities in the Arab region, with their historical traditions and great ethical standards, are well positioned to help their communities achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in the coming years.

Al-Maarefa University ranked 201-300 globally, 8 in the Arab world and 4 locally in the Times Academic Impact Ranking

As an extension of the university’s recent achievements at the academic and societal levels, the university achieved a new achievement by obtaining the 201-300th place globally, the 8th place in the Arab world, and the 4th place locally, according to the classification of the British Times Foundation THE- University Impact Ranking, which evaluates universities and measures their impact on society based on their excellence in achieving the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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