Al-Maarefa University Launches a Research Chair for Quality of Life in Diriyah

lMaarefa University inaugurated the “Quality of Life in Diriyah” chair, which aims to harness scientific research and accompanying innovations to contribute to improving the quality of life of the individual and society in Diriyah Governorate, and the inauguration of the chair came after the approval of the University Council and coincided with the celebrations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the founding day.

The establishment of AlMaarefa University as a scientific chair for research and innovation in the field of quality of life in Diriyah comes as an embodiment of the university’s role, which goes beyond the educational process to serve the community and contribute to Vision 2030 and interest in developing the local environment of the university and raising the quality of life, as Al-Maarefa University was distinguished by its strategic location in the historical capital of the Kingdom of Diriyah, which represents a great historical value, as it was a starting point for the establishment of the first Saudi state and its capital 3 centuries ago, and formed a pivotal role in the political and heritage history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The establishment of the Quality of Life Chair in Diriyah represents a great value for the university and its role in the contribution of distinguished scientific and research competencies and its partners in supporting the development of Diriyah and its society through scientific research, community service, and the establishment of training and volunteer programs, especially in the field of improving the quality of life, so that the city of Diriyah becomes a model for a distinguished healthy environment. The Diriyah Quality of Life Chair seeks to play a leading role in basic and applied research in the fields of health, sports, environment, tourism and accompanying services on the quality of life in Wadi Diriyah with the aim of proposing a practical plan for future development and the vision of the chair includes focusing on socio-demographic and material development to achieve the highest standards of human quality of life. Research relies on global indicators to measure quality of life, adapted to local variables and factors.

The “Quality of Life in Diriyah” chair is a scientific field that helps AlMaarefa University activate its distinguished partnership with the Diriyah Gate Development Authority and gives an opportunity to provide research contributions to male and female students and those interested in scientific research.

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